Five Best Treatments to Get Rid Of Breast Cancer

The sudden rise of breast cancer rate all over the world has left both men and women worried, especially if you have crossed 40 years. This cancer is a malignant tumor formed in the breast and a very common disease diagnosed among the women; although men are also found to have breast cancer the percentage is low.

Surgery is the most common treatment followed by other treatments to enable patients to get rid of the cancer-cells. The doctor suggests the best plan for your treatment on the basis of the cancer type, its aggressiveness, and stage. The treatment option also depends on the other health factors.

Here are some proven and best treatments available to cure breast cancer:

  • Lumpectomy: Instead of removing the entire breast, the surgeon performs lumpectomy, which removes only that portion of the breast where the tumor has formed.
  • Mastectomy: In this form of treatment one breast or both the breasts are removed. It also includes removal of the lymph nodes from armpit area, in case the cancer spreads there.
  • Radiation: High-energy rays are used to destroy cancer cells or to reduce the size of the tumors that exists in the breast.
  • Chemotherapy: A combination of drugs is given to the patient to slow down the growth of cancer cells or destroy it permanently.
  • Hormone Therapy: In case the cancer is sensitive to hormone, this therapy helps to decelerate or cease the growth of the tumor.

Patrick Borgen MD, chairman of the Department of Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York and the leader of the Brooklyn Breast Cancer Program at Maimonides Cancer Center is a highly efficient doctor who can provide you best consultancy and help you to fight back against this fatal disease. He has also succeeded to bring down the postoperative pain once the surgery is done. So, if you are suffering from breast cancer, do not hesitate to visit him. He can come up with best available solution for you.

Five Best Treatments to Get Rid Of Breast Cancer

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