Causes and Preventive measures for breast cancer

Breast cancer is the development of cancer in the breasts and the symptoms include presence of lumps in the breast, milky discharge from the nipples or changes in the shape or size of the breasts.


The exact causes of breast cancer are yet to be known and it is said that it happens when the cells present in the breasts start multiplying abnormally and faster as compared to the healthy cells. This leads to the formation of a lump and this can spread throughout the breasts. In fact, it can also spread to the other parts of the body and also the lymph nodes present in the breast.

Breast cancer can also be caused due to genes inherited from parents and that percentage is 5 – 10%. There are however, several risk factors that are responsible for the development of breast cancer and some of the include the fact that you are a woman, obesity, ionization radiation, early menstruation age, lack of physical exercise, having no children or late children, old age, drinking alcohol, hormone therapy and a few others.


As there are several risk factors that increase the chances of having breast cancer, there are ways by which it can be prevented. Obviously, preventing the risk factors is what you need to do first. Here is a list that you can follow:

  • Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can prevent this disease
  • Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • Medication and mastectomy is recommended to women who have a high chance of acquiring this disease

You can consult Patrick Borgen MD for more details regarding breast cancer. He is an experienced MD and he can be researching on breast cancer for many years. His treatment procedure has minimum side effects and check is website for more details.

Causes and Preventive measures for breast cancer

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